Norwegian needed to increase sales to their sunny destinations from Oslo in week 48 with the travel period being Dec ’13 – Mar ‘14


The Norwegian winter is dark and cold, but regardless if people appreciate it or not, Norwegians still longs for warmth and sunny weather. Even the Norwegian summer is very unpredictable with a lot of rain and low temperatures, so when we plan our holidays or weekend breaks we want to visit warm and sunny places. It doesn’t help to only present nice pictures of warm places and sunny beaches. We have to be relevant and really give people a good reason to travel besides low fares. 


The idea became to conduct a “Pale Complexion Examination” amongst commuters in Oslo, a competition to locate the person with the most winter pale face and award him/her with a trip to sunny Spain. At the busy Oslo Central train station we installed an examination booth and invited people in to be photographed. The picture got uploaded onto a big digital screen visible from the whole train station and then scanned for winter paleness. A dynamic leaderboard then reviled who the frontrunner was at all times. Simultaneously, we ran digital panels all across the train station to amplify the promotion of their sunny destinations, showing the temperature and weather both in Oslo and at the specific destination updated every hour in real-time. The temperature difference became more evident and it enhanced the longing for warmer weather. The actual weather forecast/symbol and temperatures were automatically live-feeded into the ad for each destination, and a total of eight different destinations were presented on the panels with a price tag one at a time.

The Connection:

6 % increase in sales and 4 % in revenue compared to week 48 in 2012. On average, a new person participated every second minute. Vizeum has been working closely together with Adform (digital hosting, tracking provider), JcDecaux and Kitchen (creative agency) to establish a technology and solution for real-time hosting of digital OOH solutions in the same way as for online display ads. Vizeum Norway is the first media agency to ever utilize this unique opportunity and hopefully it can revitalize the way we plan, buy and execute OOH campaigns with even more relevance and greater impact.