Scatec Solar’s new corporate web site was launched in March, together with the company’s annual and sustainability report which we also made available in a digital version. Since the launch, the website’s score in a third-party analytics tool have improved by 73% compared to the old site, and the bounce rate has declined.

Having previously worked with the client on their identity, brand guidelines, graphic design, annual and sustainability reports, we were delighted to have the opportunity to design and develop a new version of

The new corporate web site is completely restructured and rebuilt, showcasing the company’s mission, people and global presence.

We aimed for a structure and design that made it easy to find relevant information, both an overview and in great detail, regardless if the user wanted information on the share, sustainability or vacant positions. Having a user-friendly back-end for the site's administrators and editors was also a key priority. To achieve this the site is designed and built with various customized modules, allowing quick and hassle-free page edits and tremendous flexibility when building new pages. The design process involved meticulous UX and wireframing, as well as countless iterations of the web design rooted in the company’s updated identity.

WordPress is the chosen CMS, due to its inherent flexibility, ease of use and compatibility with third parties.

Scatec Solar is a publicly listed company growing at a rapid pace. With that comes an information demand from investors, analysts, partners, professionals, potential employees and the public. Some of the features we have developed in this regard is an interactive map over Scatec Solar’s locations worldwide, a clearly targeted sitemap, user-friendly infographics, videos and models, and an extensive information archive.