Consultant Kjersti Svang Olsen at Design Container is facilitating the process and developing strategies in close collaboration with the Furset management team.

“Fursetgruppen is an entrepreneurial company in growth – and earlier this year we found that we were ready to set out a strategy for the company and its branded products to ensure clear positioning in the marketplace. Kjersti Svang Olsen at Design Container has been instrumental in outlining a new corporate and branding strategy for Fursetgruppen. We wanted to work with her as she has wide-ranging experience and possesses a solid toolbox with which to approach strategy processes with management teams in different sectors. Kjersti’s ability to communicate and simplify has been crucial for an efficient process. She has also been able to challenge us in the right areas. The new strategy platform is a simple and impactful management tool,” says Naja Boone, marketing and communications director at Fursetgruppen.

This process also generated a new brand name for a product range which is to be managed by the business areas of Canteen and Catering.

Fursetgruppen is a high-quality and skills-driven restaurant group offering food experiences with soul and character. The group was founded in 1997 by famous Norwegian chef Bjørn Tore Furset and offers a premium guest experience focusing on food, wine, service and design. Fursetgruppen is currently one of Norway’s leading restaurant and catering operators with more than 500 employees and 22 unique restaurant concepts.