Jason Neubauer
The Santa Claus Affect Story - How Gen Z and Millennials are using Social Media for Social Good When Jason Neubauer hit rock bottom in 2016, he had a newborn son, plenty of problems, and no great answers. He came across this Joe Rogan quote, "Are you going to be the hero of my own movie or drown in self-pity?". One late night in his office while his son was sleeping, he searched for positive content and a reason to believe in himself again. It was at this moment the "Santa Claus Affect" was born. The Santa Claus Affect is a social impact business that showcases to the world we can all win together through kindness, giving, and positivity. Jason is one of the top influencer marketing professionals in the world according to Forbes, and has built three multimillion-dollar businesses utilizing influencers for brand development. His mission is to Affect Change around the world.
CEO and Founder, Santa Claus Affect and Co-founder of Gen Z & Millennial Division
Sprint Communications Inc, USA