Mike Lynch
How to establish effective teams and motivate them Mike Lynch was the Major in the British Army who served as the leader of Special Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was the brain behind many successful covert operations and tactical decisions and gained priceless insight on how to establish effective teams and motivate those teams to work as one cohesive unit. Fighting against some of the World’s most savage organizations, Mike Lynch has led the charge in countering terrorism and insurgencies with ingenuity and guile. His development and direction of his indigenous covert forces, many of them still in operation today, is testament to his unique and unconventional style of leadership, a pure blend of understanding, tenacity, bravery and humility. Since retirement, Mike has taken his operational planning and leadership expertise and formulated them into support products for businesses looking to configure their operations for expansion into emerging markets. Mikes unique story, travels and experiences make for fascinating listening. His views on leadership and motivation are insightful, unconventional and full of lessons learned. His talks are gripping, informative, topical, funny and moving.
Commander Indigenous Covert Operations Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan
British Army, UK