Jennifer Winberg
SOCIAL FATIGUE: Navigating the Ever-Evolving Social Landscape of the Disenchanted Consumer As consumers became savvy to the fact that they were being targeted, categorized, and click-baited on social media, they are growing more and more weary of the social channels that previously brought them pleasure and happiness, and are beginning to question how these platforms work. Consumers are getting smarter, therefore platforms are having to react and change to the growing social savvy individual. No more smoke and mirrors. So as a brand, how do you continue to capture the attention of your consumer in an emotionally and politically charged area? Jenn Winberg is Sr. Account and Engagement Director for the Agency MXM where she oversees entertainment accounts including Hulu and Disney. Winberg began her career after graduating from the Film program at the University of North Texas. Moving to New York in 2012 she joined Momentum Worldwide as a Social Strategist working with clients such as Sony, American Express, and Coca Cola. Before joining MXM in LA, launched the day and date film division Lionsgate Premiere.
Sr. Account Director