Shailin Dahr
One of the few genuinely independent ad fraud consultants, Shailin is the author of Uncommon Sense for Ad Tech, an authoritative text on adtech, providing an unparalleled level of detail on the topic. Having worked years as a programmatic trader, and having gained first- hand experience in poorly understood, yet widely used practices of arbitrage and traffic sourcing, Shailin brings to the adtech industry a breadth of knowledge only few can claim. Ranging from meticulously thought out play-books for highly competitive media investment, to the dark arts of the adtech underbelly. Shailin’s consultancy, The Dhar Method, provides advisory and consultation on preventing advertising budgets from being spent on fraudulent sites and traffic. His unique method does not involve use of any technology, but focus on training your team in a way that guarantees true learning and understanding, together with sustainable results without reliance on 3rd- party technology partners. The Dhar Method services cover topics ranging from fundamental workings of programmatic advertising to every-day realities of billions of dollars of advertiser money being wasted on fake traffic and other forms of ad-fraud. The Dhar Method Services include staff training, supply and vendor audits, and various other buy-side focused evaluations.
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