Rejlers is an important player in the Nordic IT-industry. In our work with Rejlers, we rebranded the company and developed an updated profile and a new slogan – Your Digital Future – which was launched in this brand profile film.

 “We like the dynamic, the hands-on approach and the flexibility of Design Container being a medium-sized agency while still being able to take on larger challenges. With their high level of expertise and understanding of B2B and solution sales as well as the marketing of both products and services where communication is an important value contribution, we have found an agency to match our requirements incredibly well,” says Communications Director Truls Klokkerud.  

Since 2015, we have worked closely with Rejlers on both strategy and operation. Rejlers have approx. 2,000 employees across Scandinavia. 

Over the past year, we have launched several concepts, raised the company’s brand profile, completed recruitment campaigns and prepared materials and messages for a range of platforms. 

“Working so closely with a company and seeing our work generating results in many areas and providing synergies for customers is fun. We feel like part of a corporate culture and think that Rejlers is a hugely exciting environment. This is a client with ambitions and a talent for innovation, something that is a good fit for us. We like being challenged as well as being able to challenge others. It is in this kind of interaction that the best solutions are generated,” says CEO in Design Container Linn-Cecilie Linnemann.

Rejlers offers many branded goods, products and services. The strongest branded product in Norway is the Quant, a state-of-the-art platform for efficient data management. We designed a brand strategy for the Quant platform and relaunched it for the Scandinavian market. In the energy sector in Norway, Quant has a market share of approx. 70%.

In the redesign we aimed to not only give the Quant brand a refresh, but also to create a brand that connects to the Rejlers brand as a whole through linking elements and colors. By incorporating the dots from the Rejlers profile we connected the old with the new. Additionally we extended the usage of dots to graphic elements and patterns to build a strong visual connection throughout the brand.