His target group is mainly restaurants with an interest in Norwegian culinary traditions and small-scale wine producers.

The wines are produced in Norway using organic grapes from Teverina in Italy. The process from fermentation to finished wine applies the traditional methods that Luca Pennesi’s family has used for generations. All the work involved is performed manually without the use of added chemicals. Luca brings the best from Italy and shows that it is also possible to produce wine here in Norway.

Luca is passionate about wine as a craft, and we wanted to design a concept in which craftsmanship and manual methods were key. All the labels have been printed by hand in order to ensure an organic feel to the product. We wanted to use the name to make clear that these are wines produced in Norway. The names match the label motifs in order to align them closer to the Norwegian market. Many of the elements hint at the taste landscape and structure of the wines. The motifs have been taken from the natural environment in Norway and reference the manual production of the wine. The sea bass that is seen on Havgap is a fish that can be found in both Norwegian and Italian waters. The font is contemporary, but with classic features and historical allusions inspired by inscriptions on Roman columns.