“The ability to listen carefully, actually to understand our requirements and then to go and expand the project on such a scale and with this level of brilliance is nothing short of spectacular,” says Chairman of Bridge Technologies Simen Frostad. “We were very ambitious in our own vision for the website, but Design Container raised the bar much higher.”

“We work day in and day out with our solutions so, of course, we understand what we do. But when we try to explain how Bridge Technologies operates to potential clients, it’s difficult to capture in one view all the areas we monitor, let alone the way in which our own products fit into that mix. This is where Design Container added great value, ideas and clarity,” explains Communications Manager at Bridge Technologies Tim Langridge.

“The navigable city landscape communicates this process of securing TV signals creatively by highlighting a satellite, hotel, football stadium and homes etc. in one main frame. I haven’t seen a website like it in our industry that simplifies an otherwise challenging message in the way that this one does.”

“We are always trying to come up with the best ways to communicate what our client has to say. When a client trusts you and gives you free reign, it enables you to create the most efficient and inspiring solutions possible. We are all very happy with the result – working with Bridge Technology and their team has been a pleasure,” continues Kristoffer Lunde, Tech Lead at Design Container.

This year, the European Design Awards were hosted in Oslo and consisted of a design seminar, which brought together the design community from across Europe, and an awards ceremony and many other activities. Design Container was also represented by Managing Director Linn-Cecilie Linnemann who served on the programme committee curating the content of the seminar.

“We are thrilled to have won this prestigious award which nominates the best Europe has to offer in the field of design. Winning with a hard-core B2B client has been particularly fun and stimulating as we usually compete with consumer brands from all over Europe,” says Managing Director at Design Container Linn-Cecilie Linnemann.