The courses for the new apron have been completed and delivered and have contributed to ensuring that disruption was avoided during the busy summer months. Thanks to close collaboration with engineers and product managers at Avinor, we produced a course that appeals to everyone and ensures efficient and intuitive learning.

“Avinor chose Design Container to produce a training programme for Oslo Airport in competition with many other suppliers based on Design Container’s quality, flexibility and ability. The first course was delivered on time and is available on all platforms. The course has had excellent feedback from users,” states Ramin Darisiro at Avinor.

The courses focus on user-friendliness and responsivity was an important factor as not all the members of the course target group are used to working on personal computers. Animations are used in the course material and technical architectural drawings have been simplified to allow the user to learn simply and efficiently.

Øystein Ramseng worked as an educational consultant on the content and, in partnership with Avinor managers, we delivered a course that everyone is happy with – and we have had excellent feedback from test users.

The basic courses that are being developed are to form part of the training programme for all handlers at Oslo Airport and used in combination with practical training within each subject area (Passenger Boarding Bridge, Pushback, Flexigate, Luggage Handling and Technical Airside).

The training courses were produced in the form of SCORM packages for upload to Avinor’s LMS and were developed in Evolve.