Are you our new strategic planner?

We are currently in the search for a Strategic Planner that can step in and step up our day to day work.

In a fast-paced world where the traditional lines between industries are getting blurry, we need a person that is comfortable maneuvering in a modern communication landscape. And to do so in a strategically sound and creatively liquid way.

This position will allow you to run solo projects, and require you to work in teams, across Anorak and The North Alliance, delivering top notch work for some of Norway´s most exciting brands.

So, we need you to be confident working with research, able to create communication strategies based on business, and passionate about creative processes. And of course, that you want to contribute in creating massive effect for our clients.

To succeed in this role, it is important that you:

  • Have prior experience in doing similar work elsewhere.
  • Have interest in how effective communication is created and measured.
  • Are confident in having direct relation with various marketing functions and departments across the Nordic region.

As an Anorak you will:

  • Get to work in a flexible and creative environment.
  • Work in offices located in central Oslo.
  • Have the opportunity to collaborate with our sister agencies in The North Alliance.

General requirements:

Curiosity: You're eager to learn new things and explore new possibilities.
Energy: You make things happen, work independently, and stand up for what you believe in.
Character: You have integrity and bring your unique point-of-view to the table.
Creativity: You like creative marketing, and genuinely care about great ideas and great design as tools for creating business results.
Kindness: It doesn't matter if you're loud or quiet, funny or serious. But it does matter that you're a nice person.

Apply by sending an email with your CV and a short motivation (in Norwegian or English) for why you want to work with us.
Apply before 16th of January, 2019.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Nicklas Bohman
Head of Insight & Strategy
+47 – 400 87 582

Anorak is a full-service advertising agency. Located in the heart of Oslo. Our mission is to create a difference together with our clients, by making creative communication based on insight, and strategic thinking.
Anorak is a proud member of The North Alliance, which is a group of companies offering services within communication, design, and technology. The family of companies operates in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, and USA.