Niels Kjærgaard-Jensen
Niels is danish, lives in Oslo, and his english-speaking contribution on this day covers insights and headlines from his recent book "Jakten på känslan - konsten att skapa meningsfulla upplevelser" which is written in swedish. According to Niels, we are at the beginning of a revolution of experiences. A new breed of human consumers is paving a way that changes at its core what is important in the relationship with a brand/company. Not driven by material wants and needs, or chasing down thrills, kicks or status symbols, they are searching for - and insist to be co-creators of - experiences that constitute real meaning, grow identity and inspire sense of belonging. Inherent in this change lies a gold mine for the brands that succeed in looking upon themselves as a meaningful experience for their audiences through their communication, offerings and behavior. Niels will inspire with universal game rules that will define the future interplay between brands and consumers. Special attention is given to real world events & experiences.
Experience Designer og forfatter