David Alberts
David Alberts has lived on four continents and created award-winning multi platform content campaigns in over 42 countries for some of the world’s largest brands. Starting in Agency world he successfully ran Creative Agencies in Asia (twice Asian Agency and of the year) and Australia (Agency of Year) finishing his agency career as Chairman and Executive Creative Director of Grey London where his interest in collaborative longer form content and programs that lay outside the agency TV-centric business model led him to a new chapter. Realising the need to create greater audience engagement and the potential of ‘Connecting Companies to Causes and Causes to Cash Registers’, David founded WhatOnEarthIsGoingOn? in January 2008, partnering with MSN Worldwide to create an online content channel and was engaged with both short film and feature film directors providing a platform for brands to have both a strategic and socially relevant conversation with their audience. In 2011 David joined MOFILM as Chief Creative Officer overseeing all creative and strategic direction and continued to develop both short form and long form content projects across all MOFILM clients. During his time at MoFilm it became very clear to David that content was becoming more and more of a commodity and that in today’s world curation was even more important than creation. In 2014 David co-founded BeenThereDoneThat a global network of over 100 CSO across 25 markets providing clients access to the world’s very best thinkers. He has created National Contemporary Art Prizes, Global Film Competitions, Animation Series, Photographic Magazines, Documentaries, Short Films, written books and experiential theatre productions. David’s philosophy to life has always been, he who collects the most stories wins. His greatest fear is not being relevant.