Louise Høegh
10,000 ways not to do omnichannel marketing automation In 2017, PensionDanmark was crowned the best pension company in Europe by IPE, where it was praised for its innovative use of technology, with one judge noting that PensionDanmark “effectively operates in the future.” Louise Høegh and Greg Nagan will discuss the development and implementation of the omnichannel digital dialog system that has enabled PensionDanmark to reach the right members with the right message, at the right time, on the right channel – with an emphasis on some of the painful “learnings” we got along the way. LOUISE HØEGH heads the Digital Dialog activities at PensionDanmark. The Digital Dialog department is focused on delivering a consistent and modern experience for all members across touchpoints. Before joining PensionDanmark, Louise worked in both the telecom and advertising industries enabling customer dialogue and building loyalty. GREG NAGAN is a Senior Dialogue Architect at PensionDanmark. Greg has been working as a marketing automation specialist in Denmark 12 years, both as a consultant to firms in a variety of industries from across the Nordics, and as an employee of Berlingske Media and Egmont.
Digital dialog manager
PensionDanmark, Denmark