Camilla Svensson
How to create obvious place for consumers to hang out at? How do you stand out and deliver something unique when every brand, retailer and e-commerce has its own loyalty program and consumers are drowning in marketing emails? Camilla Svensson is the Nordic Marketing Manager for Libero. Together with her team, she has developed the Libero club from an ordinary loyalty program to a personal social network for families and an integral part of consumers everyday life. A club in the original meaning - where people with a common interest get together. Libero has developed and produced diapers for more than 50 years and is the leading diaper brand in the Nordics. The Libero club started more than 30 years ago with a book and letters sent home to pregnant women. It has since then developed into an email-based club and now a social media network. 80% of Swedish families with babies are members of the club and Libero has a market share of above 60% within diapers in Sweden.
Regional Marketing Manager
Libero, SCA Hygiene Products, Sweden