Thomas Marzano
The sonic branding of Philips Thomas Marzano is Head of Brand Design at Philips. Earlier he was responsible for Philips’ Online Brand Communications. Unlike any other executives of global brands, Thomas is really active on the social media and he has an impressive number (40K+) of followers on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Thomas is conversational, authentic and very approachable, and people love to interact with him, asking him about everything, from design in general to social media or about Philips. He is so passionate about Philips that after listening to him you have no doubt that Philips is the brand to work for. One of Thomas’ roles is to align brand experience design with marketing, branding and product development. One of the most exciting tasks was redesigning the new Philips brand identity and the Philips logo that was recently introduced worldwide. The logo was one of the key elements of the entire brand identity system.
Global Head of Brand Experience
Philips, Netherlands