Anna-Lena Olsson
Next Generation Customer Loyalty Anna-Lena is the founder of the Ignation Innovation Agency and is passionate about changing and improving the world around her with new emerging technology. After many years with a variety of roles in IT and Technology, she now focuses with Ignation on making businesses smart and unique through digital innovation. It's about creating groundbreaking innovation with the goal of making a difference, and Ignation does this with the help of IoT, AI, VR etc. Anna-Lena is coming to the conference to talk about Next Generation Customer Loyalty. Our next generation of clients have completely different expectations for user experience and service. In order to meet up with this, stand out in the competition and keep your customer´s loyalty, your organizations has to provide new and groundbreaking smart user interaction with the goal of making a difference. But how do you do this ? During Anna-Lena's lecture, she will talk about: Next generation, who are they? How do we meet the next generation, and where do we find the sports gear to deliver a service beyond their expectations? AI - what is it really and where do you start? Also, Chabot’s how to use them and avoid the pitfalls.
Chief Experimental Officer & Co-founder
Ignation, Sweden