Jason Miller
B2B marketing experts aren’t supposed to take their strategic inspiration from The Clash, Kiss and Guns n Roses. They’re not supposed to deliver anecdotes and one-liners faster than a Motorhead guitar break. They’re not supposed to have that many tattoos.

In short, they’re not supposed to be Jason Miller.

If Jason doesn’t look or sound like a B2B marketer, it’s probably because he never planned on being a B2B marketer. After 10 years in the music business, he’s brought a unique approach to content and social media marketing at Marketo and LinkedIn, translating small budgets into proven ROI and helping other B2B marketers to do the same. His ideas, strategies and tactics aren’t just inspiring and entertaining – they’re proven to work on the frontline, helping break down and overcome some of the biggest challenges that marketers face today.

A prolific writer, commentator and speaker, Jason is now the global content marketing leader at LinkedIn, a professor of marketing strategy at the University of California, Berkeley, and the best-selling author of Welcome to the Funnel: Proven Tactics to Turn Your Social Media and Content Marketing up to 11. When he’s not plotting the latest SEO trends, innovating new content marketing formats, or tracking the ROI of social, he’s fuelling his rock n roll soul as an award-winning concert photographer. It’s a combination that brings a unique energy and a unique perspective to the world of B2B marketing: passionate, creative, no-nonsense and innovative; helping brands tell their story like they’re ready to change the world.
Global Content Marketing Leader